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FX2GAIN | تداول العملات | فوركس

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تتضمن خدماتنا على منتجات تداول عبر المارجن (الرافعة المالية) والتي تنطوي على مخاطرة مبالغ أكبر من إيداعك الأولي. لا تتناسب هذه المنتجات مع كافة المستثمرين – الرجاء التأكد من أنك على وعي وإدراك تام بهذه المخاطر.


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Forex trading can involve the risk of loss beyond your initial deposit. It is not suitable for all investors and you should make sure you understand the risks involved, seeking independent advice if necessary. Forex.com/UK acts as the clearing agent and counterparty to customers introduced by FX2gain.com (for an IB). FOREX.com is a trading name of GAIN Capital - FOREX.com UK Limited and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. FCA No. 190864.

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The popularity of Forex trading also known as currency trading has been rising of late. What used to be a trading only available for huge banks and corporation, is now a trading option available also for individuals like you and me who do not have millions of dollars to start with. Now, people can start trading Forex with just a couple hundred bucks. It can be done just by having a computer that has internet connection. So, someone can trade from home, office or even a cafe that has Wi-Fi. So, it is a legitimate investment or online income opportunity for anyone out there who is willing to take time to learn and master the ways to profit from this market.

In the Forex market, a trader will have to monitor currency fluctuations around the globe. The good thing is, currency is being paired up. For example, the EUR-USD, USD-CHF and so on. So, depending on which pair a trader is trading, he will have to monitor that pair. A trader can choose to trade as many pairs as he like or just trade a single pair. The choice is up to him.

When it comes to the top benefits of trading online, the traders are relaxed and have are the sole controllers of the trade, either to buy or sell. The brokers cannot peep into what is happening at your end and for every move they are forced to contact you for the permission. Therefore, you are left to your own wish as to what is to be sold or bought.

The several applications available on the internet for trading are yet other benefits of trading online. Some of them include forex charts, real time stock prices, technical indicators or anything that can assist you in every way to earn huge profits.

Time is an important factor when you are trading as the value keeps on changing every single second. While you are trading online, you get to execute the same in just a fraction of second. On the other hand, if you are doing real time trading you will have to call up the broker to execute the trading process whether it is to buy or sell. The price is then provided only by the trader through a phone call done by the broker himself. After this long process, finally the broker calls you up to tell you the price suggested and then you can decide whether to do the trade in that price or not. Still the procedure is not yet over. After you decide, the broker will have to call up the trader once again to place the order after which the whole process gets executive.

Online Forex trading can and will be lucrative once you begin learning the ropes of Forex trading. Unfortunately, this cannot be done overnight but the process can be expedited with the help of a Forex trading system. These systems provide sufficient understanding and depth into the world of the currency exchange market. You don't have to be a leading economist to learn how to profit from this highly liquid market but you do need a little bit of patience. The ease of trading online allows you to sit right in the comfort of your living room and earn income without ever having to get up and having a stable online Forex trading policy is key to reaping substantial profits at will.